Cancelled: A Quiz Tribute to Shows Loved and Lost

TV fans have been rocked by some recent cancellations - Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Prison Break, to name a few. In tribute to the shows lost, here's a quiz tribute. Answer these 12 questions quickly, before bad ratings catch up to us.

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Freaks and Geeks was notable for its realistic look at high school and for its honest comedy. But it also helped launch the careers of Judd Apatow and his gang of writers/actors. Which of these actors from Apatow’s Knocked Up did not also appear on Freaks and Geeks?
Seth Rogen
Leslie Mann
Paul Rudd
Jason Segel
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Fans frustrated at the apparent cancellation of the show Jericho bombarded the CBS offices with what?
Coonskin Caps
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The short-lived FOX variety show The Ben Stiller Show was famous for its celebrity and movie impersonations. In one sketch, Captain Kirk and Kahn from Star Trek were shown playing the leads in what movie?
When Harry Met Sally
Midnight Cowboy
Rain Man
The Odd Couple
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Twin Peaks was popular during its first season, but eventually ratings tapered off. In response to complaints, the show revealed the answer to the central mystery midway through its second season. Who was uncovered as the murderer of Laura Palmer?
Donna Howard, Laura’s best friend
Philip Gerard, a traveling salesman
Leland Palmer, Laura’s father
The Giant, a mysterious presence in the woods
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My So-Called Life was cancelled by ABC after only 19 episodes, but marathon reruns of the show became a hit for what network?
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Arrested Development has become the poster child for early cancellation. In its brief run, the show managed to attract plenty of celebrity cameos. On this list, who did not appear as themselves on the show?
Judge Reinhold
Martin Short
Carl Weathers
Jamie Kennedy
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Joss Whedon’s sci-fi adventure Firefly was cancelled after a mere 14 episodes, but was continued in what movie?
Firefly: The Movie
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Aaron Sorkin’s ESPN-inspired dramedy Sports Night was cancelled after how many episodes?
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Speaking of Pushing Daisies, the show’s creator just has no luck getting his shows off the ground. Who has an 0-3 record with Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me?
Bryan Fuller
Damon Lindelof
Rob Burnett
Rob Thomas
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ABC’s quirky and fantastical Pushing Daisies is one of this season’s notable cancellations. In what city did most of the action on Daisies take place in?
Fleur Lac
Flushing Meadows
Walla Walla
Coeur d'Coeurs
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HBO’s vulgar, yet Shakespearean Western Deadwood was cancelled to make room for what show?
John from Cincinnati
The Sopranos
In Treatment
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CBS’s EZ Streets was seen as a precursor to grand-scale shows like The Wire and The Sopranos, but it didn’t make it a full season on network TV, despite being a critical favorite. The show only won one Emmy in its short season – what was it?
Outstanding Sound Editing
Oustanding Lead Actor (Drama)
Outstanding Writing (Drama)
Outstanding Main Title Theme Music