Name the Last 10 Popes

Including the present pope who just announced his plans to resign, can you name the last 10? No need to type the word Pope. For example, a Pope St. Peter would just be "St. Peter" for our purposes.

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Name the Last 10 Popes
Benedict XVI|benedict XVI|Benedict 16|benedict 16
John Paul II|john paul II|John Paul 2|John Paul 2nd|john paul 2
John Paul I|John Paul 1|John Paul 1st
Paul VI|Paul 6
Blessed John XXIII|Blessed John 23|John XXIII|John 23
Pius XII|Pius 12
Pius XI|Pius 11
Benedict XV|Benedict 15
St. Pius X|St. Pius 10|Saint Pius X|Saint Pius 10|Pius X|Pius 10
Leo XIII|Leo 13