An SI Cover Jinx Quiz

The Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx has been pretty well documented. Athletes fear being cursed b injury or poor performance after being featured on the cover of the sports magazine. How much do you know about the jinx? We promise, nothing bad will happen to you if you do well.

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A 2002 investigation into the SI cover jinx found that how what percent of the magazine’s 2,456 covers had cursed the athlete within two weeks of publication?
10-20 percent
20-30 percent
30-40 percent
40-50 percent
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A cover in May, 2008 featured a baseball team’s new Japanese player with the words “It’s Gonna Happen” written in Japanese. For what team did it not happen?
Chicago Cubs
Boston Red Sox
Cleveland Indians
Seattle Mariners
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In his first game after appearing on the SI cover, what sportscaster was publicly decried for calling Redskins wide receiver “that little monkey?”
Frank Gifford
Howard Cosell
Bob Costas
Don Meredith
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Which of these jinx stories is bogus?
After appearing on a 1974 cover previewing a jump, Evel Knievel crashes.
After Florida State kicker Scott Bentley makes the cover in 1993, he misses seven extra points in five games.
After Barry Bonds is featured in 1998, he fouls a pitch off of his foot and misses 30 games.
The 1987 Cleveland Indians are declared the American League’s best team in a baseball preview issue, then lose 101 games.
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After Phil Knight appeared on the SI cover, his company’s six-year earnings streak ended, the stock plummeted and hundreds of employees had to be laid off. What company did Knight run that saw disaster after SI?
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This athlete made it safely through 50 covers without being jinxed, but after his 51st, his wife filed for divorce. Who?
Alex Rodriguez
Michael Jordan
Jack Nicklaus
Muhammad Ali
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The jinx started right from the first issue of SI, way back in 1954. Who was on the cover and what happened to him?
Willie Mays, who went 0-12 in a crucial division series
Michigan football coach Bennie Oosterbaan, who broke his leg after being accidentally tackled by a player in practice
Boxer Rocky Marciano, who was arrested for tax evasion
Eddie Mathews, third baseman for the Milwaukee Braves, who was injured when a pitch hit him on the hand.
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It’s believed that Sports Illustrated didn’t start the sportsman cover jinx, but rather carried it on from what other magazine?
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For that 2002 story about the jinx, the magazine's cover featured a black cat with the tag line "The cover nobody would pose for." However, one athlete was originally supposed to pose for the cover. Who?
Eddie Mathews
Kurt Warner
Alex Rodriguez
Michael Jordan
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Once again, which of these jinx stories is bogus?
In 1955, skier Jill Kinmont was featured on the cover; that week she was paralyzed from the neck down after hitting a tree during practice.
A 1989 cover features the text of a statement by baseball commissioner Bart Giamatti about Pete Rose; the next week he suffers a heart attack and dies.
In 2001, Nomar Garciaparra appears shirtless on the cover, then promptly tears a tendon in his wrist.
After a 2004 cover, USC quarterback Matt Leinart throws 3 interceptions and fumbles twice in a loss to Oregon.