Slimed: A Kids' Choice Awards Quiz

Last week, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hosted Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards, the annual celebration of slime, burps and kid-friendly entertainment. How much do you know about the awards show? Answer these 10 questions about the show's history and we might spare you from getting slimed.

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The Kids' Choice Awards ceremony is a good opportunity for celebrities to let down their hair and play like kids. Which of these appearances is bogus?
Madonna shouting “Kids rule!” while balancing a blimp on her head
Justin Timberlake beating Cameron Diaz in a burping contest
Heidi Klum being a “human dart,” popping slime-filled balloons while being suspended by a bungee cord
Bruce Willis going down a 50-foot Slip ‘n Slide
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The highlight of the KCA’s are undoubtedly the celebrity slimings. Which of these sliming stories is bogus?
In 2001, Tom Cruise “accidentally” slimes himself while trying to hit N*SYNC
In 1992, the first multiple sliming occurs when Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Zachary Ty Brian and Taran Noah Smith of “Home Improvement” all get hit.
In 2000, Derek Jeter tries to hit balls of slime being shot out of a pitching machine.
In 2003, Jim Carrey gets covered in slime and feathers before trying to spread it to the audience
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What movie was voted the kids' favorite at the 2009 ceremony?
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
Iron Man
High School Musical 3: Senior Year
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As the only person to be inducted in the KCA Hall of Fame and win the Wannabe Award, Will Smith is as close to a KCA superstar as it gets. How many blimps has he won?
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In 2001, the KCA’s replaced their Hall of Fame induction with the Wannabe Award, honoring a celebrity that kids most aspired to imitate. The first winner was Tom Cruise, an iffy choice to be sure in hindsight, but nowhere near as questionable as the 2002 winner. Who was it?
Snoop Dogg
Britney Spears
Janet Jackson
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The 2009 ceremony featured the introduction of the Big Green Help Award, which is given to a kid-friendly celebrity that helps the environment. Who won the inaugural green blimp?
Al Gore
Leonardo DiCaprio
Will Smith
Brad Pitt
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Before being renamed as “The Kids’ Choice Awards” in 1988, what did Nickelodeon call its awards show?
Kids' Picks
The Big Ballot
The Nickies
Your Favorite...
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What color is the show’s trademark slime that it often uses to cover celebrities?
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Who hosted (or at least co-hosted) every Kids’ Choice Awards ceremony from 1996-2003?
Will Smith
Jim Carrey
Rosie O'Donnell
Cameron Diaz
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Which of these is a real award that the KCA’s have given out?
Favorite Sneeze
Favorite Funny Dog
Favorite Fart
Favorite R-Rated Movie