South Pacific

Before the 1958 film version (unfortunately) tested 1950s color filters—Everybody’s purple! Now red!—South Pacific was a Broadway hit, now considered one of the best musicals in history. Bali Ha’i is calling: take this quiz!

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Who wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Tales of the South Pacific that inspired the musical?
Edward Rutherford
James A. Michener
C.S. Forester
E.L. Doctorow
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The original lyrics to "There is Nothing Like a Dame" were edited, as needed, for radio and other performances. The line, "What we need is what there ain't no substitute for" was changed to:
"We got nothin' to look masculine and cute for"
"We be workin' too hard and need to score"
"Dames be the prize we fightin' this war for"
"Satisfaction is what we are searching for"
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"Some Enchanted Evening," the #1 song of 1949, was covered by many big names, but NOT:
Frank Sinatra
Perry Como
Dean Martin
Bing Crosby
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Which company used "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair" as a 1970s commercial jingle for hair dye?
L'Oreal Paris
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Fill in the missing lyric from the song "Honey Bun:" My doll is as dainty as a sparrow, her figure is somethin' to applaud. Where she's narrow she's as narrow as an arrow, _______
...She's as skinny as a thinny, thank God
...An arrow, not a plank, nor a rod
...And she's broad, where a broad should be broad
...She melts the snow; the ice is all thawed
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Which future star of television and film played Nellie Forbush for four weeks during the original Broadway production?
Cloris Leachman
Mary Tyler Moore
Betty White
Bea Arthur
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Ezio Pinza, who played Emile de Becque, found fame before Broadway as what?
A male model
Frank Sinatra's arch-nemesis
Italian film star
Metropolitan Opera singer
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The original 1949 Broadway production was nominated for 10 Tony Awards. How many did it win?
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In what year did South Pacific win the Pulitzer Prize for drama?
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When the 1958 film South Pacific was released, it was considered quite scandalous for several reasons, including:
The lyrics to "Bloody Mary"
The song "Bali Ha'i" was considered a drug reference
The interracial love scenes between Lt. Cable and Liat
The violent war images