The Very Hungry Caterpillar

My daughter has resisted the reading genes she must certainly have inherited from me and my wife, but one book she likes – no doubt because we also have the DVD version – is Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The caterpillar chows down between the Sunday when he’s born and the following Sunday on which he eats one nice green leaf (and feels much better). Can you name the 15 foods he consumes from Monday to Saturday?

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar
One Apple|Apple|1 Apple|An Apple
Two Pears|Pears|2 Pears
Three Plums|Plums|3 Plums
Four Strawberries|Strawberries|4 Strawberries
Five Oranges|Oranges|5 Oranges
One Piece of Chocolate Cake|Chocolate Cake|1 Piece of Chocolate Cake|Cake|Piece of Chocolate Cake|Piece of Cake|A Piece of Chocolate Cake
One Ice Cream Cone|Ice Cream|1 Ice Cream Cone|An Ice Cream Cone
One Pickle|Pickle|1 Pickle|A Pickle
One Slice of Swiss Cheese|Swiss Cheese|1 Slice of Swiss Cheese|One Piece of Swiss Cheese|1 Piece of Swiss Cheese
One Slice of Salami|Salami|1 Slice of Salami
One Lollipop|Lollipop|1 Lollipop|One Lolipop|1 Lolipop|Lolipop|A Lollipop|A Lolipop
One Piece of Cherry Pie|Cherry Pie|1 Piece of Cherry Pie
One Sausage|Sausage|1 Sausage|A Sausage
One Cupcake|Cupcake|1 Cupcake|A Cupcake
One Slice of Watermelon|Watermelon|1 Slice of Watermelon|A Slice of Watermelon