...Goes to Washington

A recent news story revealed that John Cho and Kal Penn would resurrect their stoner personas in 2010 in a film tentatively titled Harold & Kumar Go to Washington. Several other feature films and TV programs have previously employed the "...Goes to Washington" tactic, and today's quiz examines nine of them. Good luck!

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What actor starred as Senator Joe Kelley, the title character of the shortlived late-70s TV series Grandpa Goes to Washington?
Jack Klugman
Eddie Albert
George Goble
Jack Albertson
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Who serves in his usual role as as the title character's "helper" in the 1993 animated short Mr. Bill Goes to Washington?
Mr. Man
Mr. Hands
Mr. Hammer
Mr. Magoo
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Following his 2001 TV special John Stossel Goes to Washington, the reporter landed a regular segment titled "Give Me a Break" on what prime-time TV news program?
60 Minutes
48 Hours
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The 1977 feature film Billy Jack Goes to Washington was the last of how many appearances by Tom Laughlin in his best-known character?
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At age 11, young Samantha Smith headlined the TV special Samantha Smith Goes to Washington. For what was she most famous?
singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" during the World Series.
winning the first gold medal in U.S. Olympic gymnastics history
saving her fourth-grade class from a flash fire
writing a letter to Soviet premiere Yuri Andropov
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The 1939 Frank Capra film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was nominated for 11 Academy Awards. How many Oscars did it win?
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Though it lasted only a single season, what actor tried to resurrect Mr. Smith Goes to Washington in a 1962 TV series?
Fred MacMurray
William Frawley
Dean Jones
Fess Parker
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With an all-star lineup including Larry Storch, Joe E. Ross, Billy Barty and Rip Taylor, the film comedy The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington raised eyebrows upon its release in what year?
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What political comedian's last name appeared in the title of his very first TV special, 1988's Mr. ________ Goes to Washington?
Miller (Dennis Miller)
Black (Lewis Black)
Stewart (Jon Stewart)
Maher (Bill Maher)