Failed Wrestling Gimmicks

With a good gimmick and some grappling skills, a wrestler can enjoy a decades-long career in the ring. (Just ask Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan.) With a terrible gimmick, though, even a rising star can crash and burn. Lots of top wrestlers have struggled through horrible gimmicks before hitting it big. How well do you know these conceptual nightmares?

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Who got his start in the WWF as Dr. Isaac Yankem, DDS, an evil dentist?
Shawn Michaels
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Before Dale Torborg became a strength trainer for several Major League Baseball teams, what terrible gimmick did he wrestle under?
The KISS Demon
The Yeti
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Who once wrestled under the gimmick of The Diamond Studd, an evil heel?
Diamond Dallas Page
Rick Rude
Scott Hall
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What NWA great wore a mask to wrestle as the Midnight Rider?
Arn Anderson
Magnum TA
Dusty Rhodes
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What wrestler worked as G.I. Bro in his early days, a gimmick he briefly reprised even after finding big success?
Booker T
2 Cold Scorpio
Koko B. Ware
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What beloved wrestler once fought as “Flash,” a member of The Blade Runners tag team in a minor promotion?
Diamond Dallas Page
Steven Regal
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Whose original WWF gimmick was portraying “The Ringmaster”?
The Rock
Mick Foley
Steve Austin
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What star got his start in a regional promotion as “The Prototype,” who appeared to be an android?
John Cena
Kurt Angle
Bam Bam Bigelow
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Whose first wrestling character was a Spiderman rip-off called “The Spider Friend”?
Randy Savage
Rey Misterio, Jr.
Chris Jericho
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What legend got his start in the minor ranks by wrestling as a masked man named the Super Destroyer?
Roddy Piper
Ted Dibiase
Hulk Hogan
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What wrestler worked at one point as “Oz,” a character based on the Wizard of Oz who was managed by “Merlin the Wizard?”
Scott Hall
Kevin Nash
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Whose original gimmick was playing Blackjack Mulligan, Jr., a choice that made sense given that he was Mulligan’s real-life son?
Barry Windham
Lex Luger
Brian Pillman