Name All The No-Hitters, 2001–Present

Earlier this season, Jonathan Sanchez of the San Francisco Giants tossed Major League Baseball's 14th no-hitter since 2001. Not counting Jonathan Sanchez or the six Houston pitchers who combined to no-hit the Yankees in 2003, can you name the other 12 pitchers who accomplished this feat this decade? (We'll accept last names. One player has tossed two no-hitters; you only need to enter him once.)

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Name All The No-Hitters, 2001–Present
Hideo Nomo|Nomo
A.J. Burnett|Burnett|AJ Burnett
Bud Smith|Smith
Derek Lowe|Lowe
Kevin Millwood|Millwood|Kevin Milwood|Milwood
Randy Johnson|Johnson
Anibal Sanchez|Sanchez|Aníbal Sánchez|Sánchez
Mark Buehrle|Buehrle
Justin Verlander|Verlander
Clay Buchholz|Buchholz|Buchholtz|Clay Buchholtz|Buckholtz|Clay Buckholtz|Bucholtz|Clay Bucholtz|Clay Bucholz|Bucholz
Jon Lester|Lester
Carlos Zambrano|Zambrano