Not the NFL

The sad news rocked the sporting world a couple of weeks ago that the Arena Football League was filing for bankruptcy and may not have a future beyond its already-cancelled 2009 season. In their honor, here's a quiz about the various football leagues outside of the NFL. How much do you know about the AFL, AAFL and the Puppy Bowl?

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What quarterback went from playing on the Arena Football League’s Iowa Barnstormers to an NFL MVP award in just four years?
Rich Gannon
Brett Favre
Kurt Warner
Steve Young
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Who won the 2008 Grey Cup, the championship for the Canadian Football League?
BC Lions
Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Montreal Alouettes
Calgary Stampeders
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The only realistic rival to the NFL has been the American Football League, which merged with the NFL in 1970. The two leagues did play each other in the Super Bowl, though the AFL had no success until what team scored an upset win over the Colts?
Cincinnati Bengals
New York Jets
Miami Dolphins
Kansas City Chiefs
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What all-female football league will kick off its inaugural season in September?
National Powderpuff Football League
Lingerie Football League
Dainty Football Association
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The United States Football League was perhaps the biggest competitor to the NFL before an ill-advised decision to move its games to the fall resulted in a lawsuit and the league folding. Still, a good amount of the league’s alums ended up in the NFL. Which of these players did NOT start in the USFL?
Barry Sanders
Steve Young
Herschel Walker
Reggie White
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The United States Football League was perhaps the biggest competitor to the NFL before folding in 1988. What decision directly led to the league folding?
Allowing teams to offer inflated contracts to current NFL players, leading to several breach of contract lawsuits
Moving the games from the spring to the fall to directly compete with the NFL, leading to several teams in NFL cities to close
Forcing teams to stop drafting players that hadn’t graduated college, leading to a drought of decent players
Opening three expansion teams in Canada that drained the league’s money and never reached expected attendance revenue
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The brainchild of NBC and the WWF, the XFL was probably the most ill-advised competitor to the NFL. What did the ‘X’ in its name stand for?
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Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl is an animal-friendly alternative to the Super Bowl. Who performs the halftime show at the annual game?
A group of kittens
Snoop Dogg
The winners of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Harry Kalas
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Despite having a fair number of celebrities as team owners, the AFL still folded. Which of these celebrities was NOT an AFL owner?
John Elway
Mike Ditka
Will Ferrell
Jon Bon Jovi
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With creative team names like “Team Arkansas” and “Team Texas” and draftees like Zarah Yisrael and Eric Crouch, the All-American Football League may have been doomed from the start. Since being announced in 2007, how many AAFL games have actually taken place?