The Occupations of TV Dads

On classic TV sitcoms, sometimes Dad's job was front and center (think Ben Cartwright in Bonanza), and other times, it was hopelessly vague (in Leave it to Beaver, Ward Cleaver merely went to "the office"). How well do you remember the vocations of various TV patriarchs?

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Henry Mitchell (Herbert Anderson) in Dennis the Menace
Restaurant owner
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Homer Simpson (voice by Dan Castellaneta) in The Simpsons
Oil refinery worker
Safety inspector at a nuclear power plant
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Ozzie Nelson (as himself) in The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
Advertising executive
Magazine editor
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Paul Buchman (Paul Raiser) in Mad About You
Curator for an art museum
Independent musician
Producer of documentary films
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Tom Bradford (Dick Van Patten) in Eight is Enough
Newspaper columnist
A never-defined role with the NBA's Sacramento Kings
High school social studies teacher
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Phil Drummond (Conrad Bain) in Diff'rent Strokes
Investment banker at the fictional firm Moreland Stokely
CEO of the fictional law firm Gage Whitney
President of fictional Trans Allied, Inc.
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Jim Anderson (Robert Young) in Father Knows Best
Certified Public Accountant
Insurance Agent
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Steven Keaton (Michael Gross) in Family Ties
College professor
Manager of a local TV station
Editor of a magazine focusing on environmental issues
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Howard Cunningham (Tom Bosley) in Happy Days
Radio engineer
Real estate appraiser
Hardware store owner
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Michael Taylor & Joey Harris (Paul Reiser & Greg Evigan) in My Two Dads
Financial advisor (Michael) & Artist (Joey)
Sportswriter (Michael) & Bar owner (Joey)
Advertising executive (Michael) & Advertising copywriter (Joey)