George Costanza's Jobs

During Seinfeld's nine-year run, George Costanza held many jobs, from real estate agent to hand model. And he pretended to be just as many things. How well do you know Costanza's colorful resume? We're about to find out.

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What kind of company was George working for when he was put in charge of "the Penske file"?
A Rest Stop Supply Company
An Architecture Firm
An Import/Export Business
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When Jerry & George were working on their pilot for NBC, who played "Michael Barth"—the actor cast to play the role of George Costanza? (Hint: In the picture, he's on the left.)
Jeremy Piven
Michael Chiklis
Jon Favreau
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What was George's job title with the New York Yankees?
Associate Director of Player Personnel
Assistant to the Traveling Secretary
Deputy Director of Stadium Affairs
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After George quit his real estate job at Rick Barr Properties, which of the following possible careers did George NOT discuss with Jerry?
Television Critic
Horse Stable Boy
Baseball Announcer
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In a 1991 episode, Elaine got George a job at Pendant Publishing. When George's boss asked him who he likes to read, which sportswriter does George mention?
Tony Kornheiser
Mike Lupica
Phil Mushnick
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What did Kramer know about Kruger Industrial Smoothing?
"They are the ones who botched the Statue of Liberty job."
"They are the ones who gave Mount Rushmore Thomas Jefferson a nose job."
"They are the ones who ruined the statue in Lafayette Park."
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What is the name of the fictional off-broadway play George told the NBC executives he'd written?
Venetian Blinds
Pepe's Kitchen
La Cocina
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When Costanza was up for the position of Assistant to the General Manager—a job where he'd have a say in player personnel decisions—what two players did he say the Yankees should trade for?
Mark McGwire & Greg Maddux
Barry Bonds & Ken Griffey, Jr.
Mo Vaughn & Roger Clemens
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When he was employed by Kruger Industrial Smoothing, George pretends to make donations to The Human Fund in the names of his co-workers. What is The Human Fund's slogan?
Because People Matter
Money for People
The Difference is People
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As a teenager, where did George work as a waiter?
A Yugoslavian Restaurant
Medieval Times
A Fat Camp