The Baseball Movie Quiz: Eight Men Out

For approximately a year back in middle school, I became unaccountably obsessed with early 20th Century baseball, generally, and the 1919 Black Sox scandal, specifically. It's only natural that I would rent Eight Men Out on VHS over and over again during this period. I remember the film you? Let's find out.

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Who was the 1919 Chicago White Sox team manager?
Connie Mack
Kid Gleason
John McGraw
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The World Series was a best of _______ affair in 1919.
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What verdict did the jury hand down in the White Sox conspiracy to commit a confidence scam trial?
Not Guilty
It was declared a mistrial
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During game two of the World Series, a plane flies over the stadium and drops something from the sky. What falls from the plane?
A box of manure
A giant stuffed rat
An effigy of a White Sox player
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Which of these actions does “Shoeless” Joe Jackson believe is good for his batting eye?
Staring at a candle in the dark with one eye
Staying asleep all day before a big game
Accepting dirty cash from gangsters
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What team did the White Sox face in the 1919 World Series?
Philadelphia Athletics
St. Louis Browns
Cincinnati Reds
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What do the White Sox do to alert their mobster co-conspirators that the fix is in during game one of the World Series?
Commit an error on the first play
Lift their hats at the same time
Hit the first batter with a pitch
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Cheapskate owner Charles Comiskey promised Eddie Cicotte a $10,000 bonus if he won 30 games in 1919. Comiskey denied him the bonus because he did not win 30. How many games did Eddie win that year?
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What nickname did “Shoeless” Joe Jackson give his bat?
Black Betsy
Black Betty
Black Barbie
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In the final scene of the film, Buck Weaver goes to see Joe Jackson play for a bush league team in which city?
Hoboken, New Jersey
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Durham, North Carolina