The Office Christmas Special

If you watched The Office, you know how everything ties up at the conclusion of the "documentary." But how many details can you remember? Let us know what you know.

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The special starts with a disclaimer from the BBC indicating that the extended episode revisits the office crew _________ years after the close of the second season.
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Which of the following characters does David dress down at the Christmas Party?
Neil Godwin
Chris Finch
Gareth Keenan
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What does Tim get Dawn for her Secret Santa gift?
Art supplies
Hat FM
An engagement ring
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Does Monkey Allen attend the Christmas Party?
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When David appears as a contestant on "The Love Lottery" at a bar during one of his PAs (public appearances), what film character does he dress up as?
Austin Powers
James Bond
The Tin Man
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During the brainstorming session for the Wernham Hogg Christmas party, what does Keith say he wants?
An Ali G appearance
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David produces a music video with the winnings from his lawsuit against Wernam Hogg. What song does David perform?
"No Woman, No Cry"
"If You Don't Know Me By Now"
"Fields of Gold"
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It is revealed early on that Dawn and Lee have been living in "the States" since we last saw them. Where in the States are they living?
Mount Tabor, New Jersey
Duck, North Carolina
Tampa, Florida
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When David and Gareth are first reunited in the special, they argue. What do they argue about?
Whether there will ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark
The inappropriateness of David's unannounced visits
Which is the better management strategy: humor or discipline
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David tells one of his "introductions" from the internet dating service that he's a "rep"...a more impressive-sounding euphemism for door-to-door salesman. What good is David hawking for his new gig?
Paper products manufactured by a competing firm
Office cleaning supplies
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David claims to get recognized as a celebrity on the streets, but things get awkward when people shout things out to him. Which of the following phrases has he NOT heard shouted at him from his "fans"?
Mr. Toad
Pug-Nosed Gimp
Lard Boy
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In the episode's final segment, how does David tell the cameras he would like to be remembered?
"As the man who put a smile on the face of all who he met."
"As a chilled-out entertainer with a vicious sense of humor."
"A comedian, philosopher, poet, singer-songwriter with superior management skills."