The Weird City Name Quiz

Here's a quiz for anyone who has ever traveled the country, seen a sign, and asked, "Is that really the town's name?" After you're done, head over to the mental_floss blog and let us know if there are any oddly named places in your part of the world.

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Which devilish city is NOT real?
Hell, Michigan
Purgatory, Maine
Devil's Trumpet, Wisconsin
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Which of these food-related town names is NOT found in Alabama?
Burnt Corn
Sugar City
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Which of these numbers is actually the name of a town?
Fifty-Six, Arkansas
Twenty-Nine, New Jersey
One, Delaware
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Which of these towns was once a real place in Massachusetts?
Gay Head
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Some names really make you wonder about the history of a town. Which of these is a real location?
Excrement, New Hampshire
Coward, South Carolina
Murder, Texas
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Which of these places doesn’t really exist?
Why, Arizona
Bumpass, Virginia
Laughingstock, Ohio
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Sometimes city names only work to increase stereotypes about the state they are located in. Which of the following is a real city?
Tornado Zone, Oklahoma
Horseheads, New York
Aftershock, California
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Which city name is NOT real?
Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey
Bonzailand, West Virginia
Humptulips, Washington
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Which city is NOT located in Arkansas?
Bald Knob
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Which of these cities is a real place in Texas?
Cut and Shoot
Run and Kill
Cannibal Alley
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Which town is NOT located in North Carolina?
French Lick