The Wonderlic Quiz

The Wonderlic Test is a tool used in many fields to assess job candidates, and it's administered to NFL draft prospects each year. Can you tell which player scored higher?

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Which Manning brother scored higher?
Peyton Manning
Eli Manning
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Who scored higher?
Rex Grossman
Jay Cutler
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Who scored higher?
Drew Brees
Philip Rivers
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Which former #1 overall draft pick scored higher?
Jeff George
Tim Couch
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Which Eagles QB scored higher?
Donovan McNabb
Michael Vick
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Which Steelers QB scored higher?
Terry Bradshaw
Ben Roethlisberger
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Which 2006 first round draft pick scored higher?
Matt Leinart
Vince Young
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Which Hall of Fame QB scored higher?
John Elway
Steve Young
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Which Cowboys QB scored higher?
Troy Aikman
Tony Romo
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Which Green Bay QB scored higher?
Brett Favre
Aaron Rodgers
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Who scored higher?
Peyton Manning
Tom Brady
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Look at the row of numbers below. What number should come next?