Name the Last 12 NCAA Tournament Runners-Up

Everyone* remembers the champions, but it's easy to forget who finished second. Can you recall the last 12 teams that lost in the final game of the NCAA Tournament (1998-2009)?

*OK, maybe not everyone. For a list of winners, click here and scroll down.

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Name the Last 12 NCAA Tournament Runners-Up
Michigan State (Lost to UNC in 2009)|Michigan St|Michigan State|Michigan St.
Memphis (Lost to Kansas in 2008)|Memphis
Ohio State (Lost to Florida in 2007)|Ohio St|Ohio State|Ohio St.
UCLA (Lost to Florida in 2006)|UCLA
Illinois (Lost to UNC in 2005)|Illinois
Georgia Tech (Lost to UConn in 2004)|Georgia Tech
Kansas (Lost to Syracuse in 2003)|Kansas
Indiana (Lost to Maryland in 2002)|Indiana
Arizona (Lost to Duke in 2001)|Arizona
Florida (Lost to Michigan State in 2000)|Florida
Duke (Lost to UConn in 1999)|Duke
Utah (Lost to Kentucky in 1998)|Utah