Name John Cazale's Oscar-Nominated Films in 1 Minute

While actor John Cazale never earned an Oscar nomination himself, his films fared significantly better. Every feature film in which he appeared received a Best Picture nomination (and three won). Strangely enough, a film that didn’t come out until 12 years after his death but featured archival footage of Cazale got a best picture nod, too. How many of those films can you name in a minute?

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Name John Cazale's Oscar-Nominated Films in 1 Minute
The Godfather|Godfather
The Godfather: Part II|The Godfather Part II|The Godfather: Part 2|The Godfather Part 2|Godfather 2|Godfather II|The Godfather 2|The Godfather II
The Deer Hunter|Deer Hunter
The Conversation|Conversation
Dog Day Afternoon|Dog-Day Afternoon
The Godfather: Part III|The Godfather Part III|The Godfather: Part 3|The Godfather: Part 3|Godfather 3|Godfather III|The Godfather 3|The Godfather III