Name the 10 Top-Selling NBA Jerseys

On Wednesday, the NBA announced its list of the top-selling jerseys for the 2009-10 season. How many of the top 10 can you name in 3 minutes? You can enter either first and last name or just last name. Good luck, and let us know who you missed.

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Name the 10 Top-Selling NBA Jerseys
1. Kobe Bryant|Kobe Bryant|Bryant
2. LeBron James|LeBron James|James
3. Kevin Garnett|Kevin Garnett|Garnett
4. Derrick Rose|Derrick Rose|Derek Rose|Rose
5. Dwight Howard|Dwight Howard|Howard
6. Dwyane Wade|Dwyane Wade|Dwayne Wade|Wade
7. Chris Paul|Chris Paul|Paul
8. Paul Pierce|Paul Pierce|Pierce
9. Kevin Durant|Kevin Durant|Durant
10. Carmelo Anthony|Carmelo Anthony|Anthony