The Stars of Politics

Celebrities tend to make good campaigners and their political careers can capture plenty of headlines. Look no further than California, which has had its share of movie star politicians. See how much you know about the stars that have run for or served in office.

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In what office did Kal Penn (Kumar of Harold and Kumar) serve in the White House?
Office of Public Engagement
Office of the First Lady
Office of Policy Development
Office of Scheduling and Advance
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While serving in the House of Representatives, Sonny Bono helped champion a bill that passed the house, but was never voted on in the Senate. After his death, the Senate passed it and named it in his honor. What did the bill deal with?
Beach restoration
Copyright terms
Welfare assistance
School lunches
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What former politician made a second life for himself by appearing on Dancing With the Stars?
Orrin Hatch
Trent Lott
Tom DeLay
Tom Daschle
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Fred Gandy, who served as a representative from Iowa for eight years, was known for what television role?
Enos on The Dukes of Hazzard
“Gopher” on The Love Boat
Buck Rogers on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Douglas Brackman on L.A. Law
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What office did Law & Order actor Fred Thompson hold?
Secretary of Energy
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Besides serving as a Kentucky senator, what other distinction does Jim Bunning hold?
Pitching a perfect game
Starring in three movies alongside John Wayne
Eight consecutive MLB All-Star Game appearances
Circumnavigating the globe in three different modes of transportation
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What wide receiver unsuccessfully tried to challenge Ed Rendell in Pennsylvania’s 2003 gubernatorial race?
Art Monk
Lynn Swann
John Stallworth
Michael Irvin
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What city is former Phoenix Suns star Kevin Johnson the mayor of?
San Antonio
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Who of the following did NOT run in the 2003 California gubernatorial recall race?
Diff’rent Strokes star Gary Coleman
Porn star Mary Carey
Prop comic Leo Gallagher
Sandra Denton, Pepa of Salt-n-Pepa
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In the 2008 primaries, on what South Carolina ballot did Stephen Colbert appear?
Both Republican and Democratic
Neither Republican nor Democratic