The 30th Anniversary Caddyshack Quiz

Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of the day Caddyshack was released (July 25, 1980). To celebrate, we put together this little quiz.

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What does groundskeeper Carl Spackler say he received in lieu of a monetary tip from the Dali Lama after caddying for him in Tibet?
Nepalese coins
The promise of total consciousness
“One of those hip outfits Lamas wear”
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How does Al Czervik first insult Judge Eliuh Smails?
By playing music on the course
By inadvertently making fun of his hat
By making fun of his wife
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When Judge Smails invites Danny Noonan to his yacht club for a party, what does he ask him to do before “dropping by”?
Spy on Ty Webb
Dig up dirt on Al Czervik
Mow the lawn
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How long are caddies allowed in the pool on Caddy Day?
30 minutes
15 minutes
6 minutes
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What is the name of the boat Al Czervik recklessly zooms around in before destroying Judge Smails’ more modest ship?
Loud Mouth
Ship Happens
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When Carl tries to eliminate the gopher using plastic explosive-molded figures representing the gopher’s "friends," which animals does Carl view as the gopher’s friends?
The sneaky snake and the rabid raccoon
The fickle chipmunk and the lazy turtle
The harmless squirrel and the friendly rabbit
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What does Carl use to clean his “place” when Ty unexpectedly stops by while playing a night round of golf?
A rake
A bucket of dirty water
A gas-powered leaf blower
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How many times to Al Czervik and Judge Smails raise their bet during their dramatic golf match?
Three times
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Which philosopher does Carl quote when he drops the plastic explosive-molded figurines in the gopher’s hole?
Friedrich Nietzsche
Jean-Paul Sartre
Rene Descartes