Before They Were Famous Football Coaches...

You know these coaches as titans of the gridiron, but how familiar are you with their early years? Take our quiz to see just how much you know about the non-football jobs of some famous coaches.

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Tom Landry

Co-pilot of a B-17 Flying Fortress during World War II
Traveling salesman for a radio company
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Pete Carroll

Construction product salesman
AM radio disc jockey
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Lou Holtz

English sheepdog breeder
Cemetery plot salesman
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Brian Billick

Contestant on The Match Game
Contestant on The Dating Game
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Bob Stoops

Volunteer firefighter
Sheriff's deputy
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Vince Lombardi

Spent time preparing for priesthood
Spent time as a photographer at a small newspaper
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Mike Holmgren

Honda salesman
High school history teacher
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Buddy Ryan

Hand on a large Texas cattle ranch
Army Master Sergeant during the Korean War
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Chicago Bears owner and coach George S. Halas

Playing for the New York Yankees
Big band tuba player
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Marty Schottenheimer

Real estate broker
Stock broker