Hey Arnold! The Quiz

How much did I enjoy Hey Arnold! growing up? The (admittedly classic) theme was my cell phone ringtone for a good couple of years. It's a unique cartoon even in the pantheon of the classic Nickelodeon shows, with its diverse cast and jazzy soundtrack. How much do you remember about the show?

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Helga had a secret shrine to Arnold in her locker. What was it made of?
Bits of Arnold's old shirts
Chewed bubble gum
Arnold’s old math notebook
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What does Helga nickname her left wrist?
Old Betsy
Lil' Abner
Fruity Tootie
The Sledgehammer
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Who is this character?
Oskar Kokoshka
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What is the last exclamation of the “Hey Arnold” theme?
Move it football head!
Hey Arnold!
Do it!
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What number does Gerald wear on his shirt?
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What jazz legend voiced Harvey the Mailman?
Lou Rawls
Nat King Cole
Mel Torme
George Benson
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In what fictional city is Hey Arnold set?
Shady Village
Metro City
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Who is this character (shown here with Grandpa)?
Mr. Purdy
Bob Pataki
Ernie Potts
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According to a story told by Gerald, who might be “a twisted urban Robin Hood,” “a force for bad” or “some guy in pajamas living on stolen bananas?”
Bob Pataki
Chocolate Boy
Mr. Purdy
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What was the name of Arnold’s pet pig?
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Hey Arnold debuted as a cartoon short before what Nickelodeon movie?
Good Burger
The Rugrats Movie
Snow Day
Harriet the Spy
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The cartoon even had an influence outside of entertainment. According to a news report from 2000, how did “Hey Arnold” help save the life of a third-grader?
Burglars invading her house were scared away by the sounds of it playing in the basement
A friend saved her from choking by mimicking the Heimlich maneuver, which she had seen on the show
Her friend learned how to detect poison ivy and prevented her from eating it
Her mother realized she had passed out after realizing she wasn’t singing along to the theme