Go the Distance

How well do you know the distance between various Point As and Point Bs? Using the driving directions provided by Google Maps, we've looked up the distance between a series of cities. We'll give you the mileage; you tell us which pair of cities are that far apart.

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1,800 miles

New York to Denver
Dallas to Washington, DC
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350 miles

Toronto to Montreal
Las Vegas to Los Angeles
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500 miles

San Francisco to San Diego
Atlanta to Miami
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2,300 miles

Chicago to Phoenix
Anchorage to Seattle
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600 miles

Cleveland to Baltimore
Baltimore to Indianapolis
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2,200 miles

Eugene (OR) to Auburn (AL)
Palo Alto (CA) to Madison (WI)
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350 miles

Oklahoma City to Kansas City
Kansas City to Iowa City
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750 miles

Detroit to Birmingham (AL)
Cleveland to Brooklyn
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315 miles

Boston to Philadelphia
Seattle to Portland (OR)