The Google Autocomplete Quiz

Doesn't it always seem like Google knows exactly what you were thinking? Why yes, I did want to search "how to make donuts"! In this quiz, we're testing your knowledge of Google's psychic powers. We searched for the first name and first letter of the last name of a celebrity. Can you identify which one showed up first?

Note: Google does customize searches, but this quiz was designed to reduce that influence. We signed out of any account, searched on a never-used browser and set the location for the United States. If you can't replicate the searches, that's why.

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Ray Lewis
Ray Liotta
Ray LaHood
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Mary Todd Lincoln
Mary Tudor
Mary Tyler Moore
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Chris Bosh
Chris Brown
Chis Berman
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Susan Sontag
Susan Smith
Susan Sarandon
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Tony Romo
Tony Robbins
Tony Randall
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Lisa Lampanelli
Lisa Ling
Lisa Leslie
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John Locke
John Legend
John Lennon
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Kelly Rutherford
Kelly Ripa
Kelly Rowland
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George W. Bush
George Wallace
George Washington
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Julia London
Julia Lennon
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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John Grisham
John Goodman
John Glenn
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Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Grey
Jennifer Granholm
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Matt Drudge
Matt Dillon
Matt Damon
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Kate Winslet
Kate Walsh
Kate Wolf
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Jason Schwartzman
Jason Statham
Jason Segel