Identify the Liquor

How well do you know your obscure liquors? Grab a seat at the bar and let's find out.

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What's the base ingredient of a famous Inuit wine that Suzanne Donahue once referred to as tasting like this: "if you opened up a Toyota's carburetor and drank the leftover fluid from inside"?
Owl pellets
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This Italian liquor is made from a flower known as gentian, rhubarb, extract from the cinchona tree (from which quinine is also derived), and the bitter orange, which has been reported to have similar effects to the now-banned drug ephedren.
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Cynar is not the same thing as a Cylon. While the latter is a killer robot, the former is a liquor made with what plant more familiar as an appetizer?
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Żubrówka is a popular liquor in Poland. While rye makes up a majority of the distillation process, a tincture (flavor distillation) of what plant gives the liquor its unique flavor?
Sugar Beets
Buffalo Grass
Star Anise
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Hirezake is a staple at more upscale sushi restaurants in Japan. What's the secret addition to this warmed sake?
Tiger Fugu fin
Raw eel eggs
Octopus ink
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Chicha is a maize-based drink traditionally served in the Andean mountains. But how is the maize initially prepared for fermentation?
The collected cud of livestock
Ground, wetted, and mashed by feet in a bucket
Chewed and moistened by the brewer
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Soju is an inexpensive and popular liquor in South Korea. What are many varieties made from?
Sweet potato
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What fruit makes the basis for the Ugandan beer tonto?
Unrip bananas
Fermented coffee beans
The root of the cassava plant
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This low-grade sugar wine is particularly popular among Finnish punks for its ease to make – it’s just yeast, water and sugar.
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Akvavit is another liquor from the Scandinavian region made with grain or potatoes. Afterward, it's flavored predominantly with what spice?