Name All 32 Opening Day Starting Quarterbacks for 2011

The NFL season kicks off on Thursday. To make sure you're sufficiently prepared for some football, let's see how many of the 32 opening weekend starting QBs you can name in 5 minutes. (Hints: Last names will suffice; and you spell it 'Roethlisberger.')

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Name All 32 Opening Day Starting Quarterbacks for 2011
Tom Brady (Patriots)|Tom Brady|Brady
Aaron Rodgers (Packers)|Aaron Rodgers|Rodgers
Kerry Collins (Colts)|Cary Collins|Carry Collins|Kerry Collins|Collins
Drew Brees (Saints)|Drew Brees|Brees
Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers)|Ben Roethlisberger|Roethlisberger
Philip Rivers (Chargers)|Philip Rivers|Rivers|Phillip Rivers
Matt Ryan (Falcons)|Matt Ryan|Ryan
Michael Vick (Eagles)|Michael Vick|Vick
Eli Manning (Giants)|Manning|Eli Manning
Tony Romo (Cowboys)|Romo|Tony Romo
Joe Flacco (Ravens)|Flacco|Joe Flacco|Joe Flaco|Flaco
Matt Schaub (Texans)|Schaub|Matt Schaub|Schab
Josh Freeman (Buccaneers)|Josh Freeman|Freeman
Sam Bradford (Rams)|Sam Bradford|Bradford
Matt Cassel (Chiefs)|Cassel|Matt Cassel
Jay Cutler (Bears)|Cutler|Jay Cutler
Mark Sanchez (Jets)|Mark Sanchez|Sanchez
Kevin Kolb (Cardinals)|Kolb|Kevin Kolb|Kobb|Cobb
Matthew Stafford (Lions)|Stafford|Matthew Stafford|Matt Stafford
Kyle Orton (Broncos)|Orton|Kyle Orton
Donovan McNabb (Vikings)|McNabb|Donovan McNabb
Luke McCown (Jaguars)|McCown|Luke McCown
Jason Campbell (Raiders)|Campbell|Jason Campbell
Matt Hasselbeck (Titans)|Hasselbeck|Matt Hasselbeck|Matt Hasselback|Hasselback
Colt McCoy (Browns)|McCoy|Colt McCoy
Chad Henne (Dolphins)|Henne|Chad Henne
Ryan Fitzpatrick (Bills)|Fitzpatrick|Ryan Fitzpatrick
Alex Smith (49ers)|Smith|Alexsmith|Alex Smith
Tarvaris Jackson (Seahawks)|Jackson|Tarvaris|Tarvaris Jackson|Tavaris Jackson
Rex Grossman (Redskins)|Grossman|Rex Grossman
Cam Newton (Panthers)|Newton|Cam Newton
Andy Dalton (Bengals)|Dalton|Andy Dalton