USPS: The Quiz

You've probably seen the news about the problems of our postal service. As a tribute to the dwindling mail department, here's a quiz dedicated entirely to the USPS.

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Who was the first Postmaster General?
Ben Franklin
Paul Revere
Nathan Hale
Josiah Bartlett
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Which holiday is associated with the busiest mail day of the year?
Mother's Day
Father's Day
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What does each digit in the ZIP code represent?
The first two digits represent a state, the second two the county, the last the city
The first two digits represent the state, the third the postal region, the last two the post office
The first digit represents the region of the country, the second two the sub-region or metro area, the last two a group of addresses
The first digit represents a region, the second the state, the last three the post office
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Which of the following was NOT a direct result of the Postal Service strike of 1970
The removal of the postal service as a cabinet-level department
The creation of the Forever stamps, which froze prices at current rates
The passage of the Postal Reorganization Act
The creation of the American Postal Workers Union
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On average, how many pieces of mail does the postal service process in a single day?
3.4 million
270 million
563 million
1.1 billion
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Which of the following is true?
Gerald Ford is the only living person to appear on a USPS stamp
There are areas of the country where mail is still delivered on Sunday
Mail service was suspended for 2 months in Kansas in 1933
"Franklin" is the most common name for a postal facility
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What was the price of a stamp in the year 2000?
31 cents
33 cents
37 cents
41 cents
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What does the “ZIP” in ZIP code stand for?
Zonal Intercity Plan
Zero-one Index Plotting
Zone Improvement Plan
Nothing -- it's meant to convey the speed of delivery
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Which of the following is NOT a USPS state abbreviation?
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Besides cutting 220,000 jobs and 300 facilities, what major change has the USPS proposed to get through its fiscal troubles?
Selling food at post offices
Raising stamp prices to more than 50 cents
Ending package delivery over 3 pounds
Cutting Saturday delivery