Name All the Iowa Caucus Winners Since 1980

Since 1980, 13 different people have won the Iowa Caucus (some won multiple times, and some were incumbent Presidents who essentially won by default). Can you name these Democrats and Republicans who are walking around with Iowa Caucus championship belts?

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Name All the Iowa Caucus Winners Since 1980
Barack Obama (Democrat, 2008)|Barack Obama|Obama
Mike Huckabee (Republican, 2008)|Mike Huckabee|Huckabee
John Kerry (Democrat, 2004)|John Kerry|Kerry
George W. Bush (Republican, 2000 & 2004)|George W. Bush|Bush|George Bush|George W Bush
Al Gore (Democrat, 2000)|Al Gore|Gore
Bill Clinton (Democrat, 1996)|Clinton|Bill Clinton
Bob Dole (Republican, 1988 & 1996)|Bob Dole|Dole
Tom Harkin (Democrat, 1992)|Harkin|Tom Harkin|Harken|Tom Harken
George H.W. Bush (Republican, 1980 & 1992)|George Bush|Bush 41|George HW Bush|George H.W. Bush
Dick Gephardt (Democrat, 1988)|Dick Gephardt|Gephardt|Dick Gephart|Gephart|Dick Gebhardt|Gebhardt
Walter Mondale (Democrat, 1984)|Walter Mondale|Mondale
Ronald Reagan (Republican, 1984)|Ronald Reagan|Reagan
Jimmy Carter (Democrat, 1980)|Jimmy Carter|Carter