The Brady Bunch vs. The Partridge Family

The Brady family had a cool house (with one bathroom?). The Partridges had the cool bus. Marcia went to the prom with Davy Jones; Laurie went to a dance with Snake (Rob Reiner). How much do you know about these two staples from ABC's Friday Night lineup?

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Which came first, The Partridge Family or The Brady Bunch?

The Brady Bunch
The Partridge Family
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Both shows had cartoon spin-offs. They were:

The Bradys in 2012 and
Partridge Family Kids
The Brady Kids and
Partridge Mania
The Brady Kids and
The Partridge Family 2200 AD
Brady, Brady, Brady and
Groovin' With the Partridges
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The final seasons of both shows featured "cute kids" as a way to breathe new life into the shows. (And we all know how well that worked out.) For The Brady Bunch the kid was Cousin Oliver. Who was the "cute kid" on The Partridge Family?

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To earn extra money, the Partridges raised hamsters (and ended up giving them away with each album sold). What animals did the Bradys raise to try to make some cash?

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Who was older, Cindy (Susan Olsen) or Tracy (Suzanne Crough)?

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Both shows had episodes that were supposed to result in spin-offs: Getting Together (featuring Bobby Sherman) and Kelly's Kids (featuring Ken Berry). Which show actually made it as a series (albeit short-lived)?

Getting Together
Kelly's Kids
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Three future Angels had bit parts on The Partridge Family. They were:

Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson,
and Cheryl Ladd
Cheryl Ladd, Kate Jackson,
and Shelley Hack
Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd,
and Jaclyn Smith
Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson,
and Cheryl Ladd
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For its entire run, The Partridge Family aired immediately after The Brady Bunch. What aired after The Partridge Family?

Room 222
The Odd Couple
Love, American Style
The Courtship of Eddie's Father
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Both shows sporadically featured dogs as pets.
The Brady Bunch had _______ and The Partridge Family had _______.

Mr. Bones; Kincaid
Simone; Tiger
Tiger; Simone
Tigger; Ed
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The Brady Bunch was created by Sherwood Schwartz.
Who created the Partridges?

Sherwood Schwartz
Bernard Slade
Norman Lear
Jay Sommers