Name the Stanley Cup Winners Since 1994

Twelve different franchises have won the Stanley Cup since 1994. (Pretend that says 1994-2012 up there in the banner.) Can you name them all in two minutes?

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Name the Stanley Cup Winners Since 1994
New York Rangers (1994)|New York Rangers|Rangers
New Jersey Devils (1995, 2000, 2003)|New Jersey Devils|Devils
Colorado Avalanche (1996, 2001)|Colorado Avalanche|Avalanche
Detroit Red Wings (1997, 1998, 2002, 2008)|Detroit Red Wings|Red Wings
Dallas Stars (1999)|Dallas Stars|Stars
Tampa Bay Lightning (2004)|Tampa Bay Lightning|Lightning
Carolina Hurricanes (2006)|Carolina Hurricanes|Hurricanes
Anaheim Ducks (2007)|Anaheim Ducks|Ducks|Mighty Ducks|Anaheim Mighty Ducks
Pittsburgh Penguins (2009)|Pittsburgh Penguins|Penguins
Chicago Blackhawks (2010)|Chicago Blackhawks|Blackhawks|Black Hawks|Chicago Black Hawks
Boston Bruins (2011)|Boston Bruins|Bruins
Los Angeles Kings (2012)|Los Angeles Kings|Kings|LA Kings