Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys?

The Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries began publication within 3 years of each other (1930 and 1927, respectively), and both series have retained their popularity for all these years. But, as with so many formulaic series, it can be hard to tell one mystery from the next. In this quiz, we'll give you the title of a mystery novel, and you'll tell us whether it was a Nancy Drew escapade or a Hardy Boys adventure.

Note: To make it a bit easier, we're only using titles from the original series -- for Nancy, that's books 1-56, and for the Hardy Boys, it's books 1-58.

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A Figure in Hiding

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The Hidden Window Mystery

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The Secret Agent on Flight 101

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The Great Airport Mystery

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The Ghost of Blackwood Hall

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The Ghost at Skeleton Rock

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The Phantom Freighter

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The Phantom of Pine Hill

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The Sky Phantom

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The Secret of the Old Clock

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While the Clock Ticked

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The Secret of Red Gate Farm

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The Secret at Shadow Ranch

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The Hidden Staircase

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Footprints Under the Window