Name the Triple Crown Winners Since 1900

Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera finished the 2012 season leading the American League in home runs, runs batted in, and batting average—the first player to accomplish that feat since 1967. Since 1900, 11 other people have won the Triple Crown. How many can you name in three minutes?

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Name the Triple Crown Winners Since 1900
Carl Yastrzemski (Boston, 1967)|Carl Yastrzemski|Carl Yaztrzemski|Yaz
Frank Robinson (Baltimore, 1966)|Frank Robinson
Mickey Mantle (New York, 1956)|Mickey Mantle
Ted Williams (Boston, 1942 and 1947)|Ted Williams
Joe Medwick (St. Louis, 1937)|Joe Medwick
Lou Gehrig (New York, 1934)|Lou Gehrig
Jimmie Foxx (Philadelphia A's, 1933)|Jimmie Foxx|Jimmy Foxx
Chuck Klein (Philadelphia Phillies, 1933)|Chuck Klein
Rogers Hornsby (St. Louis, 1922 and 1925)|Rogers Hornsby|Roger Hornsby
Ty Cobb (Detroit, 1909)|Ty Cobb
Nap Lajoie (Philadelphia A's, 1901)|Nap Lajoie|Nap Lajoe