NFL Penalties (Vol. 1)

How well do you know the penalties enforced for infractions in the NFL? The first few may be easy, but we think we'll have you scratching your head by the end of today's 10-question quiz. Good luck!

IMPORTANT: For each question, read BOTH answers before choosing one, and choose the one that's MOST correct. Some choices are partially - but not completely - correct.

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offensive illegal procedure
5-yard penalty
loss of down
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excessive time-out called by defense
5-yard penalty
10-yard penalty, automatic 1st down
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purposefully striking a game official
15-yard penalty and loss of down
15-yard penalty and automatic disqualification
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offensive pass interference
5-yard penalty, loss of down
10-yard penalty
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10-yard penalty
15-yard penalty
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forward pass from beyond the line of scrimmage
5-yard penalty and loss of down
10-yard penalty and loss of down
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running into the kicker
5-yard penalty
5-yard penalty, automatic 1st down
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interfering with a fair catch
15-yard penalty and re-kick
15-yard penalty from spot of foul
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defensive pass interference
ball placed at spot of foul
ball placed at spot of foul, automatic 1st down
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delay of game at start of half
5-yard penalty
15-yard penalty