5 Questions: Anchors Aweigh!

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Fletcher Christian and other mutineers of the HMS Bounty eventually settled:
on Martinique
in the Galapagos
on Pitcairn Island
on Aruba
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TV's original Love Boat series was set aboard what company's cruise line?
Royal Caribbean
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A small powerboat named The Sleuth was often a vital means of transport in what literary mystery series?
The Hardy Boys
Trixie Belden
The Three Investigators
Nancy Drew
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In 1956, what luxury liner collided with the S.S. Stockholm off the coast of Nantucket?
Andrea Doria
Achille Lauro
Edmund Fitzgerald
Iron Clipper
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What top ten song hit by Blues Image was inspired by the U.S.S. Pueblo, an American spy ship seized by North Korea in 1968?
I'm Your Captain
Earthship Captain
Good Morning, Captain
Ride, Captain, Ride