5 Questions: Mind Your Peas

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Peacocks are the males of that particular bird species; what's the proper term for the females?
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What down-home "country" actor was known for using the phrase "pea-pickin'" quite often?
Andy Griffith
Ernie Ford
Dub Jones
Archie Campbell
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According to the original comic strips, what relationship is little Swee' Pea to Popeye the Sailor?
his son
his nephew
his godson
no relation
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Told by a doctor to feed his daughter strained peas, Daniel Gerber saw there was an untapped market and began his baby food company in:
the 1860s
the 1890s
the 1920s
the 1950s
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In the American South, black-eyed peas are commonly eaten for luck during what holiday?
St. Valentine's Day
New Year's Day
Thanksgiving Day