5 Questions: Gui-tarnation!

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From 1948-50, the Fender Telecaster was known by what alternate name?
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What guitarist still plays his trademark homemade guitar not using a plectrum, but a British sixpence coin?
Eric Clapton
Jeff Beck
Brian May
Keith Richards
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According to legend, blues guitarist Robert Johnson did what in order to learn to play his instrument so well?
sold his soul to the devil
slept with his guitar each night
kept his eyes closed while playing
drank nothing but apple juice
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What actress starred as Vienna in the 1954 motion picture Johnny Guitar?
Bette Davis
Eve Arden
Marilyn Monroe
Joan Crawford
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Which of these rock legends was well-known for his "duck walk" move while playing guitar?
Jimi Hendrix
B.B. King
Chuck Berry
Buddy Holly