5 Questions: No Figs Here

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"Newton" was the first name of which of these American authors?
Ezra Pound
Herman Melville
William Faulkner
Booth Tarkington
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Which of the following political organizations was co-founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale?
The Christian Coalition
The Black Panthers
The American Civil Liberties Union
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In 1779, Reverend John Newton published the Olney Hymns, which included his song "Faith's Review and Expectation," now known by what title?
"Onward Christian Soldiers"
"Amazing Grace"
"What a Friend We Have in Jesus"
"Ave Maria"
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The Apple Newton was one of the very first:
laptop computers
video-editing software programs
personal data assistants
mouse-driven operating systems
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In science, a "newton" is a unit of: