5 Questions: Wrap It Up

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What avant garde artist staged the "Wrapping Event," where London's Trafalgar Square lions were covered in white cloth?
Andy Warhol
George Maciunas
John Cage
Yoko Ono
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Despite a 50-year-old rumor, a "Chief Shooting Star" wrapper is not redeemable for free samples of what brand of candy?
Charms Blow Pops
Tootsie Pops
Chupa Chups
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What New Wave band's song "Christmas Wrapping" remains a holiday favorite?
The Shirts
The Waitresses
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British chanteuse Marianne Faithfull was wrapped in a rug (and nothing else) when she was arrested in 1967 with members of what band?
The Beach Boys
The Kinks
The Rolling Stones
The Beatles
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Bubble Wrap was invented by accident — the company was originally trying to develop a new type of:
synthetic cloth
carpet padding