5 Questions: A Short Quiz

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In what year did Pope John Paul I serve for only 33 days before passing away?
Harvey Korman
Lyle Waggoner
Vicki Lawrence
Tim Conway
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Which of the following famous speeches lasted for only about two minutes?
Ernest Borgnine
Don Rickles
Buddy Hackett
Paul Lynde
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Broadway star Ethel Merman was married to the original center square on TV's Hollywood Squares for just 32 days. Name him.
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Mary I
Empress Maud
Lady Jane Grey
Elizabeth I
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Who reigned as Queen of England for only nine days?
Patrick Henry — "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"
Abraham Lincoln — Gettysburg Address
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — "I Have A Dream"
Ronald Reagan — Tearing Down of the Berlin Wall