5 Questions: LEATHER

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In 1709, with his addition of leather, Bartolommeo Cristofori revolutionized ... what?
the game of golf
the umbrella
the piano
the shoe
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What gentleman's vocals accompanied Stevie Nicks on the top-ten U.S. hit single, "Leather and Lace"?
Don Henley
Tom Petty
Lindsay Buckingham
Kenny Loggins
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Leather is the traditional gift for which wedding anniversary?
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What singer portrayed the role of Leather Tuscadero, Pinky's younger sister, on the TV sitcom "Happy Days"?
Lita Ford
Wendy O. Williams
Joan Jett
Suzi Quatro
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Which of these titles was NOT one of James Fenimore Cooper's collection of books known as The Leatherstocking Tales?
The Prairie
The Pioneers
The Passenger
The Pathfinder