5 Questions: BASKET CASES

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In 1961 they were the Chicago Packers, but they've changed location and/or team names five times since then. They're now known as:
the Atlanta Hawks
the Washington Wizards
the Los Angeles Clippers
the Chicago Bulls
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The team now known as the Sacramento Kings began play in 1945 in Rochester, New York, under what similarly-noble team name?
the Royals
the Majestics
the Lords
the Regals
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What city's ABA team was called the Rockets, but had to change their name when they joined the NBA in 1974 (since the NBA already had the Houston Rockets)?
San Diego
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In 1987, what newly-franchised NBA team was almost named the Spirit until the public cried "foul" and voted for a new name?
the Hornets
the Mavericks
the Magic
the Raptors
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When the Lakers moved to Los Angeles, they kept the team name even though it was more appropriate to their original home, which was:
Salt Lake City