5 Questions: PEOPLE IN PARIS

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In a 1961 speech made in Paris, what American president said: "I do not think it altogether inappropriate to introduce myself to this audience ..."?
Dwight Eisenhower
Lyndon Johnson
John Kennedy
Harry Truman
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Who was the first woman to be entombed at the Pantheon on her own merit?
Charlotte Corday
Marie Antoinette
Josephine Bonaparte
Marie Curie
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What TV character's trip to Paris resulted in her wearing a burlap dress, being busted for counterfeiting, and putting ketchup on snails?
Fran Fine
Lucy Ricardo
Samantha Stevens
Louise Jefferson
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What bandleader was en route to Paris to play a concert for the Allied troops when his plane disappeared?
Guy Lombardo
Jimmy Dorsey
Glenn Miller
Kay Kyser
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Who was the first American artist to have a painting on display in the Louvre?
James Whistler
Grandma Moses
Andrew Wyeth
Georgia O'Keeffe