5 Questions: NEWSPAPERS

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Who sold her story to Britain's "Daily Express" newspaper in 1963, detailing her affair with War Minister John Profumo?
Maureen O'Connor
Valerie Hobson
Mandy Rice-Davies
Christine Keeler
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The title character of what TV series regularly ran a newspaper ad that read: "Got a problem, need help, odds against you?"
The Equalizer
The Fall Guy
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Ten members of the Army's 8th Illinois Regiment founded what newspaper in Bloomfield, Missouri?
Army Times
Early Bird
Stars & Stripes
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What Canadian newspaper has the largest circulation in the Great White North?
Toronto Star
Vancouver Sun
Halifax Herald
Le Soliel de Quebec
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Odds are you've heard of McLean, Virginia's largest newspaper. What's it called?
Christian Science Monitor
USA Today
Financial Times
Investor's Business Daily