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In the 1977 motion picture "Saturday Night Fever," a drunken Barry Miller fell off of what New York bridge?
The Queensboro Bridge
The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
The Williamsburg Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge
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What is the name of the bridge that links Detroit, Michigan, to Windsor, Ontario, and since 1992 has been North America's #1 international border crossing?
The Mackinac Bridge
The Peace Bridge
The Bluewater Bridge
The Ambassador Bridge
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What song became synonymous with "The Bridge Over the River Kwai"?
Stars and Stripes Forever
The Colonel Bogey March
Sharpshooter's March
Enter the Gladiators
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The original London Bridge was purchased by chainsaw magnate Robert McCulloch in 1968 and reconstructed in what U.S. state?
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Madison County, Iowa, is known for its covered bridges (as noted in the Robert James Waller novel) and is also the birthplace of what film star?
Clint Eastwood
Glenn Ford
William Holden
John Wayne