5 Questions: SOCK IT TO ME

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Wallace Carothers invented nylon while working as a scientist for what company?
Union Carbide
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What famous hoofer made his final big-screen musical appearance in MGM's Silk Stockings?
Fred Astaire
Ray Bolger
Donald O'Connor
Gene Kelly
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What Chicago White Sox outfielder, named AL Rookie of the Year in 1983, holds the record for the most rooftop home runs at old Comiskey Park?
Sammy Sosa
Carlos Lee
Ron Kittle
Chris Singleton
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What clothier was the first American retailer to manufacture argyle hose?
Brooks Brothers
Sears & Roebuck
Eddie Bauer
J. Crew
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What presidential daughter brought Socks the cat to the White House?
Susan Ford
Chelsea Clinton
Amy Carter
Caroline Kennedy