5 Questions: ALL ABOUT "EVE"

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Adam and Eve had how many sons?
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What band's albums have included "The Turn of a Friendly Card," "Vulture Culture" and "Eve"?
the Jimi Hendrix Experience
the Dwight Twilley Band
the Alan Parsons Project
the Michael Schenker Group
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In Great Britain, January 20 marks a day known as "St. Agnes' Eve" during which young women who sleep at night are said to dream of ... what?
their past lives
the manner of their deaths
their guardian angel
their future husbands
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What poet penned some of his best work in 1819, including "To Autumn," "Ode on a Grecian Urn" and "The Eve of St. Agnes"?
John Keats
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Rudyard Kipling
William Wordsworth
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Which of these actresses starred in the TV series "The Brady Bunch"?
Eve Brent
Eve Arden
Eve Plumb
Eve Gordon