5 Questions: WE DELIVER

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What band hit the Pop Top-Ten in 1967 with the single "Western Union"?
Jay & the Techniques
The Five Americans
Jay & the Americans
Danny & the Juniors
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The 2000 film Cast Away centered around a character that worked for what company?
Emory Worldwide
Airborne Express
DHL Worldwide
Federal Express
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In 1907, Jim Casey borrowed $100 and founded what is now United Parcel Service in what western city?
San Francisco
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What Wild West legend joined the Pony Express as a teenager in 1860?
Billy the Kid
Wyatt Earp
Buffalo Bill Cody
John Wesley Hardin
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What was promoted by the U.S. Postal Service with a familiar cartoon drawing of a speedy, wide-eyed mailman?
Air Mail
ZIP Codes
Parcel Post
Express Mail