5 Questions: PAPERWORK

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The TV series The Paper Chase focused on the lives of a group of students attending ...
medical school
a school of the performing arts
law school
business school
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In the famous photograph, Harry S Truman was holding aloft what newspaper, containing the headline Dewey Defeats Truman.
the Washington Post
the Cleveland Plain Dealer
the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
the Chicago Tribune
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What writer played quarterback at an NFL summer camp in Detroit and recounted his experience in the book Paper Lion?
Truman Capote
George Plimpton
Gore Vidal
Norman Mailer
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What singer had a #1 country hit at the tender age of 14 with her rendition of Paper Roses?
Marie Osmond
Leann Rimes
Tanya Tucker
Jessica Andrews
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What term is used to describe the art of folding paper sculptures?
papier mache