5 Questions: We're Movin' Now!

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His first single, 1957's "Start Movin'" hit the Top-10 and kicked off the short-lived singing career of what actor (probably best known for his role in the film Rebel Without a Cause)?
Dennis Hopper
Jim Backus
Sal Mineo
Edward Platt
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The mid-1970s TV series Movin' On starred Claude Akins and Frank Converse as a pair of:
truck drivers
escaped convicts
moving men
struggling actors
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The Emmy-winning 1967 special Movin' with Nancy includes the songs "Wait Till You See Him" and "See the Little Children" performed by...
Nancy Wilson
Nancy Harrow
Nancy Ames
Nancy Sinatra
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Ja'net DuBois, who co-wrote and sang vocals on "Movin' On Up" (the theme for TV's The Jeffersons), appeared in a regular role of her own in what sitcom?
What's Happening
Sanford & Son
Good Times
Diff'rent Strokes
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The plot of the Broadway musical Movin' Out is based on song lyrics written by what singing star?
Neil Sedaka
Billy Joel
George Michael
Elton John